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What do clients and partners say?

  • This book is a great resource for anyone who is ready to learn how to make money online. Full of ideas and free resources to get you started. You will be INSPIRED to take action toward your goals of making money online.

    ~ Andrea Wells
  • Not just a great book but one of the BEST books about YouTube. Written by Montina Portis. Get this book! & Find her on Facebook!

    ~ RE Peterson
  • I like the laid back approach of this book. I understood the purpose of this book. It wasn't to give you a bunch of ways to trick the YouTube system, Montina gave real her personal experiences and examples of what to do for video marketing. I would recommend her book as an example of what to do for YouTube marketing.

    ~ Katina
  • My search is over. I have been searching for a course like this for a very long time. The instructor did an excellent job in providing a step by step guild about creating an information product. A few light bulbs went off in my head as I listened to the lecture. Making information product is not as hard as I thought. I can't wait to combine action steps with the knowledge that I received.

    ~ Ifeoma Chuke
  • Until I took this course, I never really understood what passive income stream was about. I heard Montina talk about it in her videos and decided to take the course. I was so amazed at what you could do to earn an income. I am so excited about getting started on creating my funnel.

    ~ Danielle “Elegant Granny” Braxton

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